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Breakfast – It Is the Meal of the Champions


Don’t skip breakfast, whether you are an adult or a kid – this is the first and most important lesson for anybody who wants to lead a healthy life. Breakfast isn’t just the first meal of the day, the meal that helps your body kick-start its daily metabolism. It is also the meal that can decide what kind of life you will live.

The most recent studies (for example, the ones from the Harvard Medical School) say that breakfast is the only meal of the day that improves the alertness, the concentration, and the mental and memory performance. So, besides diminishing the risks of obesity, breakfast can help you by improving your performance in any kind of activity you engage in during the day.

In more than just a sense, breakfast is the one who gives you the focus throughout the day. Just think about it like this, in the most simple of terms: if you skip this meal, you won’t have the energy to keep moving forward at least until lunch and thinking about snacking will decrease your level of focusing. And since we were talking about studies, another one has revealed that children who skip breakfast constantly have lower IQs than the others.

But this isn’t all. Having breakfast can also prevent all sorts of diseases. For example, breakfast can replenish the blood sugar necessary in your muscles and brain, after its levels became low during the night. In this way, you won’t feel the need to snack on unhealthy foods until lunch or even later in the day, thus preventing diseases such as diabetes, obesity, coronary heart disease, and so on.
As an example, junk food is usually the one that keeps those who have skipped breakfast going. Whether they are kids or adults, these people haven’t gotten their bodies used with a particular schedule. So their metabolism won’t function properly. In this way, that bag of chips or that burger eaten hastily won’t be processed completely, adding to the body’s fat tissue. And here is where all the problems begin.

The main reason why people skip breakfast is the busy schedule of the day. And since it is recommended for breakfast to be eaten in the first hour of waking, it seems to be much easier to stop at the nearest fast-food and eat whenever a window of opportunity arrives.

So breakfast can change your lifestyle in another way as well, since it will help you understand the importance of planning ahead. Just think about what you like for the first meal of the day, think about the flavors and the textures that you enjoy the most, and stock everything you need for the morning. And you can have a delicious meal in the morning with just a couple of minutes of preparation.


Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, eggs, dairy, and lean meats – any of these can be included in anybody’s breakfast. So you do know now that nothing that is healthy or delicious is off the table. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo it – after all, breakfast needs to kick-start your metabolism and keep you going until lunchtime and not for the entire day.

In more than a way, breakfast isn’t just a meal – it is also a lifestyle. Healthy and delicious, essential and helpful, it is the meal of the champions.


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